Validate Secure Code


Please scan the 2Dcode or key in the 16-character Secure Encrypted Key:

Entered Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) is: Q4ZGFmNTFhMTcyOT

Paper is VALID. Click email link below to Verify Content

Secure Paper Code counter is : 10000498
Scanned Secure Paper Code or SEK is : Q4ZGFmNTFhMTcyOT
Number of time Secure Paper has been authenticated : 2900
Date & Time of last authentication : 2021-12-04 06:16:41

This is a demo of Secur-It-All Secure Paper on-line authentication. The quickest way of authenticating a Secure Paper is by scanning the 2D code on each sheet using a 2D barcode scanner hooked up to an Internet-connected PC that in turn is running this web page.

Scanning the 2D code automatically places the code's value into the validation field. If the SEK is valid, an appropriate VALID message will display conditional on the presence of the 16-character code on the sheet.

Otherwise, the validate button will return either an "SEK not entered" or "Invalid" message.   In the absence of a 2D barcode scanner, manually key in the human readable 16 character SEK exposed by an inexpensive, portable UV or blacklight source, then press the Validate button.

Enter and validate the following sample secure codes:

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